GeoConnect Kft.

The tool park currently consist of following office and professional (expert) softwares.

  • Microsoft 365
  • Visual Modflow (Flex and Classic Interface)
  • Golden Software Surfer 25
  • Golden Software Strater 5
  • Risc5

Our field equipment:

  • Eijkelkamp MP-1 pump set (to depth of 60 m)
  • KAESER Mobilair M27 mobile compressor (pmax=7 bar, Q=2,6 m3/min)
  • PASI BKF 150FF water level and well bottom measuring probe (to depth of 150 m)
  • Solinst Model 107 water level, conductivity and temperature measuring probe (to depth of 30 m)
  • Solinst Model 122 P8 interface probe (to depth of 60 m)
  • Verderbar Hydracell G10X hidraulic membrane pump (Q=29 L/min, pmax=70 bar)
  • Scheppach SG7000 mobile power generator (12/220/400 V, Pmax=5,5 kW)

In field work we use tools and services of our cooperating partners too.

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