GeoConnect Kft.

Project management, technical management, technical supervision, expert and consultant work, planning, licensing, constructing the following fields:  

  • geology
  • hydrogeology
  • engineeing geology
  • environmental protection
  • water and public utilities

Our specific area of expertise the contaminant remediation. In particular, the assessment of contaminated sites, planning remediation processes, construction and operation, and authority licensing. Our staff experienced in application of in-situ technologies. 

The "in-situ" remediation technologies, unlike conventional technologies, do not necessarily require any installed tools. In-situ remediations can be carried out in factory halls, operating factories without interference, without waste, does not require continuous presence. 

Applied in-situ technologies:

  • ISCO – In-situ chemical oxidation TPH, BTEX and PAH contaminants, typically in highly contaminated source zones.
  • ISCR – In-situ chemical reduction of chlorinated aliphatic hydrocarbon (CAH) contaminants, typically in highly contaminated source zones.
  • Bioremediation, bioaugmentation – remediation with stimulated endogenous or exogenous hydrocarbon-degrading microbes, mainly in lower contaminated plume area.

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